Eclipse 2017

NASA eclipse website

5 Safe ways to watch the eclipse (yes, instructions for a camera obscura are included)

How Eclipses have changed history:


from National Geographic: Solar Eclipse 101

From Crash Course: Eclipses

Why a total eclipse is a big deal (from Vox):

End of year @ your library

End of year library schedule


Raiders! keep in mind these end of year library dates.

  • The week of May 1st- May 5th we are proud to be hosting the SOH art show! Please come by and check it out!
  • The week of May 8th to the week of May 12 is business as usual but we ask that Freshmen and Sophomores start backing up their work on their laptops. We will be collecting them next week!
  • May 15th to 16th are our scheduled days for laptop collection.
  • May 22nd to May 25 is Senior check out and Senior book collections. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors you can start returning your textbooks on May 26th
  • The week of May 30th (May 29th is a holiday) to June 2nd  is FINALS week and we collect all textbooks!!
  • AP students we can start issuing out books for summer assignments during finals week. As soon as you turn in all your textbooks for this year first. 




I’m happy to see you here. Like any good project you need to make sure you use the proper tools.

Do you see the yellow stickie on the right hand side of this page? those are your tools. I recommend you start with the Gale database.   Gale had entire encyclopedias in it! (including medical  and anatomy stuff).

Next, I recommend you try the ProQuest Database.  Once you log in you will see lots of choices.  Start with eLibrary.

Ebsco Database is very similar to ProQuest. Try that one next.

Some tips:

  • If you hover your password over the name of the database on the stickie you will see the password.
  • Don’t forget advanced searching
  • If you aren’t getting a specific result try changing the terms around. Go broad or specific depending on the types of results.




Did you know that you can use Shmoop to study for your AP exams?

Create an account and check out their many resources:

Creating your Shmoop Student account

• Visit
• It’s just a one-time shot, so no moaning and groaning.
• Answer the question, “Do you have a Shmoop account?” (The answer will be…YES)
• Enter the Magic Word: ?????? (careful, it’s case sensitive) along with your username and password as before.(stop by the library for the magic word )
• Visit your Profile page to make sure everything is updated and correct.
• Visit My Passes to view all that is available to you. We promise it’s totally awesome.
• Forgot your password?
• No worries, just click here to retrieve your password