May 14

10th grade Research Project -2016

Your Question: What is genocide?
Are people informed of genocides that are occurring or have occurred in the 20th & 21st century?
Is this a genocide? (are the 8 stages present?)

The genocides will be:

1. Armenian Genocide (1915)

2. Rwanda (1990-1994)

3. Cambodia (1975)

4. Darfur (2003)

5. Holocaust (1935-1945)

6. Bosnia and Herzegovina/Srebrenica Genocide (1991-1995)

7. Guatemala- Maya (1981-1983)

8. Kurds in Iraq (1986-1989)

Databases to use:

Proquest (sign on: sohs password: raiders) click on e-library and use the “bookcarts” to find articles I already searched and set aside for you. 

Gale Online encyclopedia of Genocide   (From school the password is : southw   /  if you want to use this database from home the password is : southwest)

Some resources to get you started:

Some General articles from Gale on the subject:

Armenian Genocide

Darfur Genocide

Rwandan Genocide

Cambodia (1975 Khmer Rouge)

Kosovo Ethnic Cleansing


Digital Resources for projects

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